W & I

I am lucky enough to have met some fascinating folks in my life.... including the bust of Wagner

Oh-My-WAGNER!!! He's GONE!!!??? If I was able to fix him, surely Godfrey can!

I met the old boy Wagner, or W, through a mutual friend Godfrey Daniels. Godfrey and I were going to explore and take photos at the Mystery Castle and I guess W wanted to tag along (he is quite a camera ham). From the moment we first met we've been comrades... we've never even spoke but we understand eachother perfectly. That day I got to know W and his incessant need of attention and limelight. I can not tell you how many photos he's busted into. Since that day we've had many adventures - and every time his narcissistic ego places him squarely in front of a camera.

W's best friend (caretaker)Godfrey has let him travel all over this little planet of ours leeching publicity off of everyone else's events (The Olympics, tourist traps, Dan Quayle's book-signing, et cetera.) I am hoping to document some of the adventures that I have had with him here.....

It's a long (and real) story and this is just the beginning.......
follow the busts laying on their sides to explore some piccies

Where else can you find Wagner???


Thanks Godfrey for introducing us!

I really do enjoy hanging out with decomposing composers.

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